Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • I want to thank Dr. Joey and the girls for always taking such good care of our family. This morning I woke up with vertigo or something like it, first thought "Go see Dr. Joey Vrana" And no surprise within an hour of my adjustment I was good to go. Thank you for the love and care you share with each of us.

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  • Dr. Joey is the absolute best. I've been battling with horrible back pains and Dr. Joey has been helping make the pain better. Love him and his staff so much.

    - Jackie B.​​
  • Dr. Joey Vrana, what can I say that I haven’t already said about him and he’s wonderful wife, Devin. I love the fact that when I’m hurting he patches me up. I can come in and be my ornery self and still be taken seriously! I love the fact that him and his staff “Support our Troops”! Did I mention that Dr. Joey Vrana has an “awesome” staff, Kalynn and Kaylee! Yes go in there get your spine adjustment and give the lovely office a “hard time”! And don’t forget to them that SGT Allan Hammond sent you

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  • Joey (and his wife) are are just such remarkable people—top notch care along with compassion make Vrana Chiro the best in Central Kansas. I have been going to them since 2012 and won’t go anywhere else!

    - Jennifer R.
  • Dr. Joey and his staff are the best. They are very accommodating to our busy and ever changing schedule. I feel so much better after my adjustments.

    - Jessica P.
  • Dr Varna and his staff are so dedicated to helping their patients, and are very attentive to their patients needs! I highly recommend seeing him for issues you may be having.. especially athletes!!

    - Kelly H.
  • The entire team at Vrana is FANTASTIC. Kalynn and Caylee are always so friendly and helpful. Dr Joey has helped me with some constant pain and discomfort I was having in my lower back. Follow his treatment plan, and keep up with maintenance adjustments and you'll be feeling great!" Mike W.

    - Mike W.​
  • The Vieyra’s enjoy Dr. Vrana’s services. I would recommend seeing him for any pain including headaches, back, legs, shoulders, muscles. You name it and more then likely you just need re-aligned. Very professional services and truly cares for the best outcome for every individual! Start feeling better sooner then later!

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  • Dr Joey has helped my wife, my kids and I immensely. Getting taken care of here is well worth the drive from Hutchinson. I would, and have, recommend him to everyone.

    - John W.
  • Dr. Joey has been a great help to myself and my children. I definitely would recommend Vrana Chiropractic to anyone with children.

    - Dorian W.
  • Joey is by far one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. Him and his staff are super friendly.

    - Dylan N.
  • My family has been going to Vrana Chiropractic&Acupuncture for many years now. It has been a life changing experience. They are all so helpful, informative and caring. You feel like family! Dr.Joey has gotten my family through a lot of health issues. So thankful!

    - Cory G.
  • Wonderful Dr and staff! You are not just a number here, and they take your concerns seriously. Can treat the entire family!! That’s why I send my patients Joey’s way. I know they will be taken care of.

    - Teri S.
  • I never believed in Chiropractor care until I saw it for myself. My son used to wet the bed and and other things . Dr Joey talked me into letting him help him and he talked me to letting him help my daughter as well . Lets say He hasnt wet the bed since and my daughter is truly happy and feels good . My son has improved so much . This mother believes in the miracles of chiropractor care and my kids are off that toxic meds . They are happy and growing . He also help me as well. I always have back pain and was told to have back surgery. I choose to let Dr Joey help me and many years later I still feell better and no surgery. . Dr Joey and the girls at the office make you feel like you are part of the family . They truly listen and perform miracles!! We just love them!!

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  • I have had daily headaches for many years!! Brought my boys in for a physical and talked with Dr Joey. He let me know how he could help. I have tried one other chiropractor and left feeling like I was in more pain, so I was skeptical. Not the case with Dr Joey! In two short weeks the headaches are gone! Seriously people! I am a daily excedrin user, I have not taken any for two weeks.

    Show More - Trisha M.
  • My son is 3 months old and has been seeing Dr. Devin since he was only a few weeks old. Gage was having trouble sleeping, pooping, and breastfeeding. After seeing Devin, he sleeps 6-7 hours at night and is doing great! I tell all my friends to see her! A comfortable baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby means a happy mommy!

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  • I came in for my 1st visit with Dr. Joey because of lower back pain. During one of my visits, I shared with him that I had chronic carpal tunnel (numbness, pain) and had tried other chiropractic, cortizone shots, etc. for relief. The cortizone shots worked for several months, but it always came back. I was considering the surgery. That visit Dr. Joey tried several manipulations and his "special tool." I've not had any of the painful numbness (which used to keep me up many, many  nights) since that visit. I so appreciate what he has done for me. My quality of life has improved greatly since that visit.

    Show More - Barb L.
  • My lower back was hurting since I was 17 years old, I am now 23. I have been to many doctors but since seeing Dr. Joey Vrana I no longer have problems with it. I ran track in college and always had problems with my back hurting. I began to see Dr. Vrana about a year ago and i finally ran all personal records that same season I saw him.

    Show More - Eddie Banda
  • We can't say enough good things about Vrana Chiropractic! Our four week old baby boy was having a rough patch when we were in Kansas visiting. He was screaming for four hours at a time every day and nothing would work to calm him down. He also was constipated. We couldn't handle the thought of him being in pain and we decided to give chiro a try. We are sure glad we did! Immediately we saw results. The night after Dr. Devin worked on Lincoln he slept six hours through the night and didn't cry at all the next day. His constipation was also fixed to say the least! This continued throughout the week that we saw her. We are now back in Nashville with a happy baby! And you know a happy baby means a happy mom and dad! :):)

    Thanks Vrana Chiropractic!!!

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  • Go see Joey & Devin!

    Since I was about 10 I have suffered from BAD migraine headaches. Several times now we have been @ the lake or out hunting & I have started to get one & Joey has adjusted my back & neck & within minutes it's gone. I have not found any meds, prescription or over the counter that has worked as well or as fast as him adjusting my neck. I have gone to chiropractors for my back but never for a headache & it's amazing to me that something that simple can make such an enormous difference.

    Thanks for your help Joey!

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  • I came to Dr. Joey with little knowledge of all services he provided as a chiropractor. I knew he could take care of my hip issues but had no idea he could help me with my foot issues from many years. I told him about my foot as I've been consulting an orthopedic surgeon and going to schedule surgery in a couple of weeks. Dr. Joey convinced me to let him try these procedures and hopefully I can avoid surgery. I'm very glad to say that after 5 treatments my foot has felt the best in years. In fact, jogging is a passion of mine and had given up on it because of the pain. Today I jogged for 50 minutes and felt great!! Thank you Dr. Joey for the smile on my face!

    Show More - Deb H.
  • Four days ago, I awoke and discovered my back had a "hitch", and I had a hard time walking or being comfortable in any position.  I visited doctors Vrana, and with several treatments, I was on my feet, again.  Going through this short physical challenge has reminded me to take better care of myself, to pay closer attention to how I treat my body, and to remember that chiropractic is the best way to stay tuned-up.  It's a great day!  Thank you for the tlc (tender, loving chiropractic).

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  • For more than 7 years, I have dealt with terrible and frequent headaches.  After the FIRST VISIT, and continued visits, to Dr. Joey at Vrana Chiropractic, I have yet to have a headache occur.

    - Stefanie G.
  • Been dealing with upper-mid shoulder blade/back pain for about a year and a half along with pretty much daily headaches.  I have been seeing Dr. Joey for about 3 weeks now and have had absolute and total improvement in both areas.  VERY IMPRESSED!

    - Todd B.
  • My daughter Samantha had been struggling with constipation the past several months since we started potty training her.  She was taking Miralax every day to help her with her bowel movements.

    After talking to Dr. Joey about it, I decided to bring her to see Dr. Devin.  After a few visits she no longer had to take Miralax and has no problems having a bowel movement. 

    Thank you to Dr. Devin and Dr. Joey, I am very impressed with your work and the friendly atmosphere at your office!

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  • During the first few years of his life, my son Tucker experienced numerous ear infections.  I repeatedly took him to his pediatrician, and the pediatrician repeatedly prescribed various antibiotics.    After his eighth ear infection in six months and many sleepless nights, my doctor referred us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to inquire about ear tubes for my son.  The doctor told me he was a candidate for tubes, so we got his tubes in right around Tucker's first birthday.  A year and a half goes by with only a few ear infections but I could tell the second when the tubes fell out because we were right back where we were.  He had four infections in six weeks and I reached out to my good friend Dr. Devin Vrana who had recently opened her practice Vrana Chiropractic and she said she would like to adjust him before I do anything else.  I was reluctant at first because my son is a super active child and I thought there was no way he would cooperate and lay still long enough to be adjusted or checked especially with his super sensitive ears that had been poked his whole life due to the number of doctor visits for the ear infections.  However, I couldn't have been more wrong, I knew Devin was  compassionate, caring, and professional but she has a way with babies and children unlike anyone else.  A baby whisperer if you will, which completely eased my tension and put Tuck in such a calming state that he laid perfectly still while being adjusted.  My son developed an instant bond with her.  After Tucker's first adjustment, I noticed a significant change.  Moreover, my son has not had one ear infection since he began chiropractic care.  Tucker is now three and "ear infection free" for five months.  I accredit Tucker's success to Dr. Devin Vrana.  I truly appreciate what she has done for my son and my only regret is not seeking chiropractic care long before his first set of tubes.

    Show More - Lacy E.
  • I have suffered from chronic low back pain and migraines for about as long as I can remember.  Over the years my headaches have gotten so painful that I have missed work, my kids school functions and have made numerous trips to the emergency room.  Since I have started seeing Dr. Joey, I am thrilled to say that I have gone weeks at a time without a migraine and my back is feeling better too!

    Show More - Melissa E.
  • I have been experiencing pain in my lower back for a long time. Don't like to take pills!! After three treatments of acupuncture I feel so much better. I had gotten to the point of not wanting to go anywhere because of the pain in my hips. I really walked like an old lady. Now I walk much better!

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